Data and Domains Consulting, Seattle Database Development and Web Programming: Access, SQL

Saving money and creating data solutions for clients since 2005

Access Databases Services  loves databases
Our staff of MS Access programmers, MS Office Specialists , SQL Server Experts, VB and .Net developers and leverages technology to provide affordable database solutions to meet today's business needs.

We hold Microsoft certifications and have years of programming expertise to build your company custom databases and dynamic websites, maintain existing systems, fix data corruption issues, automate data creation, supply new reports, all ways to find new ways make your company more efficient.

We can help your company save money, improve efficiency and improve the bottom line

How much does lost leads, unhappy customers, unmet sales cost your business? If your data systems could be improved then you could be saving time and money today. Any items that are tracked, calculated, analyzed can be done digitally to save time, money and reduce errors, allowing your company to be more productive and efficient. Examples where we can help:
  • Potential leads are stored and scheduled for future calls.
  • Sales bids that need to follow up by managers to ensure no opportunities are missed.
  • Estimates/Bids built quickly and to be checked for accuracy.
  • Monthly productivity and sales performance measured.
  • Scheduling and Tracking of clients and employees.
  • Reports and documents that need to be printed.
  • Have real-time data available for employees and partners

Well-designed dynamic websites, databases and spreadsheets

  • Facilitate communication between your employees, customers and vendorsrs and vendors
  • Support your business and data controls
  • Help you manage projects and timelines
  • Automate your invoices, timesheets and purchase orders
  • Enable you to discover sales patterns and new opportunities
  • Give you tools to analyze business data and leverage leads
  • Integrate information from your accounting systems and multiple spreadsheets

Here's how we help companies reach their goals

  • Listen to your business process and goals
  • Determine your data priorities and the budget
  • Find programming and database technologies that will have the greatest business impact
  • Co-develop a work plan to meet those goals
  • Develop the solution guided by stakeholders feedback
  • Troubleshoot and test with users
  • Install the program and provide support

We use Microsoft Office automation tools to build databases and automate processes

Custom Databases And Websites
  • Microsoft Access Database Solutions And Access Database Services
  • Access Web Services on Sharepoint
  • SQL Server
  • ASP.NET Websites
Microsoft Office Custom Automation, VBA and Programming
  • MS Access
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Word

Programming technologies for data integration and websites

  • Data Integration And Reports
  • Quickbooks Data Integration
  • CRM, ERP, Accounting Data Integration
  • SSRS, Excel Pivots
Websites And Programming 
  • VBA
  • VB 6
  • Dotnetnuke

Our existing database and Office automation customers are well known to the industry

While many of our primary database customers are in the Pacific Northwest, we have customers across the country.  

  • Our Customers include leaders in their fields:
    • Expedia (Bellevue, Access and SQL development), Premera (Lynnwood, Access Consulting), Queen Anne Painting (Seattle, Access to SQL Migration), Beechers Cheese (Seattle, MRP Access System) , Idaho Independent Bank (ADP SQL Server System) , Boeing (Access reporting) , Washington State University (Spokane, Dynamic Website and Access System) , University of Washington (Seattle, Access)
  • Customer Locations
    • We provide programming and development for our MS Access Database and SQL Server Database Customers. They are located in Washington: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, TriCities, Tacoma, Vancouver, King County, Pierce County, Monroe, Spokane and other states including Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, California
  • Customer Testomonials: See what our customers have to say
  • Customer Business Cases : See how database solutions have solved real business problem

Choosing a database development partner is important

Here's why you should choose us:

  • Passion: Customer satisfaction is our success; we love finding solutions to their problems
  • Experience: We fully utilize expertise gained from successful projects with over 100 companies over the last decade to find the best solution for you
  • Reputation: We are members with Microsoft Partners and have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Service Availability: We are able to meet with our customers in person and are available both weekends and evenings
  • Competitive Rates: We understand ROI and how to build useful and affordable databases for small businesses

Our Services

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