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Database and automation customers We pride ourselves in providing our customers proven results at a great value.
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  • Your company gets low reasonable hourly rates
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Our clients share their experience in their own words

We have completed dozens of Microsoft Access, Access/SQL Server database, and Microsoft Office automation projects for law firms, construction management companies, not-for-profit advocacy groups, labor unions, and many, many more. We're not specialists in any single business. We do know the kinds of issues and processes most businesses face. Part of our long-term success as a business partner has come from our ability to get up to speed quickly when starting a relationship with a new client.

University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

" We have worked closely with Data and Domains for more than three years at this point. We chose them very carefully after considering 10 separate providers for these Access Database Services. Over these years they have assisted us with dozens of small and large improvements in our complex, medical, relational database for cancer and patient research data. They are available, efficient, and highly accurate in the work they carry out for us. They frequently suggest improvements in the structure of our existing database and the logic with which new modules are created. We are extremely pleased with their work and consider them an integral and ongoing part of our team."

Buchanan General Contracting

" I contacted Data & Domain, over a year ago, looking for help on a Access database that was pieced together. We set up a consultation and they informed me, up front, of their estimated cost into making our database more efficient for our company. They have a high quality of knowledge not only for databases but for computers overall. Data & Domain always makes time for me. As an added benefit, every time I call, I’m always speaking with the same person who knows and understands our database requirements. Eric is not your typical computer wiz; he has a great personality too!"

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris

"Our business is on an island and consequently we’ve had a tough time getting capable support for our Access database—which our company depends upon every minute of every workday. We stumbled upon Data and Domains and it was quite fortunate for us. Eric Chang at D&D has been extremely responsive to our needs. He is prompt, patient and able to cut to the heart of the problem. Ultimately, this saves us both time and money when we need his services. He also speaks at a level we non-techies can understand while always being respectful. We greatly appreciate his work and I highly recommend Data and Domains!"

Builders Capital Mortgage

" Their team have proven to be an important partner for Builders Capital Mortgage in support of our significant business growth that we've experienced over the last five years. I have always felt that they understood the true operational needs of the business, and were intelligent in applying those needs into usable, scalable and stable software tools. Very good results from very good people was always the norm!"

Independent Packers Corporation

" Data and Domains is our go-to guy(s) for Microsoft Access. I haven't seen a problem they can't solve. They are a great alternative to hiring additional in-house technical staff. "

Queen Anne Painting

"Data and Domains has developed a Access and SQL Server database system that has become an integral part of our day to day business operations. In fact, it’s created so many additional capacities and efficiencies that I can’t imagine operating without it. Eric and his team have always stuck to task and been willing to do what we want, but more importantly – and one of the things I appreciate the most – is his willingness and ability to understand our business goals and processes to the degree that he can help us realize what it is that we really want."


"It is a real pleasure working with Data and Domains. Frank who I worked with, is knowledgeable, timely, efficient, and ethical. What I most appreciate is their responsiveness, patience, and good humor when faced with urgent, repetitive, or difficult-to-diagnose problems that he inherited from the long-gone designer of our legacy database. Our lives have gotten easier since we found Data and Domains. "

Litigation Paralegal Darby & Darby P.C.

"I may not know how to best explain the Excel Automation work that you did but it came out correctly and was done in a timely matter, a huge help for us."

Coldstream / Ascent Capital

"Data and Domains tailored a straightforward Office Automation for data merging into real estate forms for one of our affiliates. It was done on time, within budget, and continues to work as designed. Highly recommended."

Idaho Independent Bank

"The programmers at Data and Domains helped us improve our productivity by reducing turnaround time due to improved reporting in the Access Database Project file. Data and Domains provided a user-friendly interface that even the least computer-savvy staff members found easy to use. The programmers at Data and Domains provided reporting solutions very quickly, sometimes same day! Thanks, Data and Domains!”

Abba International Inc

“Data and Domains Consulting have provided technical support, development and system enhancements within this Access application. This has allowed us to perform our functions in a more efficient and cost effective manner. During our relationship with Data and Domains Consulting we have made several major modifications to the application based on new requirements from the Department of Defense. In each revision Data and Domains Consulting has met our needs from both a technology and solution based manner.


“We have been working with Data and Domains Consulting for over 5 years. Eric Chang and Greg are extremely responsive to the rapidly changing needs we experience as a federally funded, national, non-profit organization. Eric and his team are thorough in assessing data collection and reporting requirements that need adjusting when federal requirements change and as a result, we have an error-free track record and are fully compliant thanks to their capable and conscientious staff. Eric goes above and beyond to ensure that his work enhances our effectiveness in every instance.”

Pacific Telecom Solutions

"Thank you again for all your hard work and support with getting us to the point where folks are actively using the database - and are happy to work in it!!